Working on terrain – “The 3rd Army”

by Erich

All of my free time has been going into getting a gaming table ready. So far I’ve got about 25 pieces of terrain built and looking at getting it all painted in the next week or so. The initial terrain set will be desert themed with a bit of  Necron flavor to it…eventually I will build some Necron plinths or obelisks.

I forgot how much fun it can be to work on terrain. When faced with the task I had considered just going out and buying a bunch of pre-made stuff but decided against it (especially given the cost of building the actual table and, of course, wanting more models for the game). While it has been a load of work I am very happy that I stuck with the homemade stuff…it is unique and hopefully very durable.

I did purchase one bit of GW terrain. The GW Moonscape set was picked up at discount, and saved me from making some convincing looking craters. These were glued to some plastic card bases and textured with various bits of gravel and sand.

Looking to be done with the table in a week and cannot wait to game on it.

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