Dystopian Legions: Federated States of America

by Eric

Progress on resolution #6 is underway.  I’ve picked up a Federated States of America starter pack for Dystopian Legions by Spartan Games, and Erich has grabbed an Empire of the Blazing Sun starter.

DSC_9705 1.psd

What drew me to this game was, not surprisingly, the figures.  They are fantastic.  They are very detailed, and every army has some really amazing sculpts.  The game is all human, but they are much more realistically proportioned than Imperial Guard and less superhero-ish than most other games.

DSC_9700 1.psd

Assembly was a bit challenging.  First there’s the minor detail that there are two different sized bases, and no instruction on which figures go on which.  I was able to piece it together from pictures in the rule book, but there isn’t a picture of every model so some deduction was needed.  I think I got it right in the end.

DSC_9711 1.psd

The real challenge was that these figures are so finely cast that many of the pieces are extremely easy to bend. I was able to get everything together without breaking anything, but these are definitely figures you’re going to want to take great care with when transporting.  For some of them, I plan on magnetizing the bases and transporting them on a metal sheet rather than in foam, which will definitely bend and eventually break the bits like the axes and long rifles.

DSC_9706 1.psd


I’m definitely looking forward to trying the game out, it seems fun and fast-paced, a good contrast after a 2 or 3 hours 40k game.

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  1. Erich February 8, 2013 12:19 pm  Reply

    They look great, can’t wait to see them painted up.

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