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Wow! March was a busy month. With so much going at work and at home I’m surprised I got as much done as I did. Played a few games, took part in a local tournament and managed to get some projects finished.

First up…the completed 1,850 Nercon Force.
Necrons 1850

The Monolith was not a fun model to assemble or paint but it is finished and that makes me happy.

Took the 1,850 to a local tournament but only managed a 1-2 record. Admittedly my “list” is not particularly geared for a competitive tournament, but I did have a great time and got in some good games. Here is a picture from my first game, during deployment.
Necrons at BG

Finishing the Necron Army means I can get on to other projects and started working on a Sammael for Eric…hoping to have it finished this week.
Eric's Sammael 1


February was a weird month where I went back and forth between which army I’d like to work on next. I did a lot of purging of models that I do not plan to have time for, assembled my Dystopian Legions figures, and began painting them. Also, I assembled and primed the Necron Monolith as well as a new unit of Necron Immortals, 10 of them with tesla carbines. These are the last two units I need to get the Necron force to 1,850 points.

More Necron Units

Which brings me to my hobby commitments for the month of March:

1. Paint the Necron Monolith &  the unit of Necron Immortals.
2. Still need to get a coat of paint on the gaming table to seal it.
3. If I get the Sammael model from Eric, that needs to get done as soon as possible.
4. Try to get an intro game of Dystopian Legions in.
5. Attend a tournament on 3/30. Should be fun and looking forward to the upcoming tournament to provide some manner of inspiration in getting the rest of the Necrons painted.
6. Finally, with a second army selected it is time to start assembling and getting a few test models done.
Another busy month!

Necrons vs. Tyranids

Last week a friend brought 1500 points of Tyranids over for a game against my Necrons. We played “Purge the Alien” (fitting) with the “Hammer & Anvil” deployment.

Necrons ready their weapons for coming rush…
Necrons Deployed to face Tyranids

Most of Tyler’s points were tied up in expensive creatures or units that were held in reserve. It did not seem like the Necrons would have to face a horde of hissing gaunts or genestealers.
Tyranid deployment (several more units in reserve)

The game ended up being very bloody. The Necrons were content to wait until the majority of the Tyrnaids got into range of their massed weaponry but were harangued by a Trygon bursting from the ground in their defensive line. Also, a large brood of Ymgarl Genestealers burst from their hiding spot to add to the pressure by assaulting and destroying a Triarch Stalker (which has been renamed to “First Blood”)

In the end the Tyranids lost all but their largest creatures to concentrated gauss weapon fire before crashing into the Necron lines. Early barrages from Tyranids Warriors and Hive Guard (truly nasty) had weakened the Necron line and the monstrous creatures made short work of Necron Warriors and Immortals alike.  Several turns in a row Tyler used “Iron Arm” to make his Tervigon so tough that I was not able to wound it at all in close combat or with most of my available shooting.
Tyler's Tervigon & Tyranid Warriors

At the end of the game it was an 8 to 7 point Tyranid Victory. Despite losing an entire unit of Gargoyles to a terrible Deep Strike Mishap and watching his Trygon get captured by the Necron Overlord’s Tesseract Labyrinth, Tyler pulled out a close win.

A fun game for sure. I can’t really think of anything I should have done differently as nothing would have let me score the 2 more points I would have needed to eek out a win…or even one more point to force a draw.

Eric came by with his Dark Angels for a game on Saturday. We played 1500 points, the mission was “The Scouring” with “Dawn of War” deployment.

Some of the Necron Deployment
BR 1

Foolishly I did not take many pictures of the game. The Dark Angels set up with a strong presence on each side of the table where the Necrons set up mostly in the center. My plan was to work strongly on the Dark Angel left flank in order to capture one of the objectives that was placed on that side of the table.

One side of the Dark Angel’s deployment.
BR 2

This was a bloody game with both sides loosing many units and models. Luck was on my side when it came to rolling for my “Reanimation Protocols” and turn after turn Eric would blow Necron Warrior units apart only to see the majority of the dead models stand back up.

Eric’s dice were working against him, rolling snake eyes at one point for a charge with a unit of Ravenwing bikes not only did not get them into close combat, but two or three died to overwatch shots. And perils of the warp befell the Dark Angels Librarian twice in the game…removing him as a casualty, his mind snapped under the corrupting influence of the Warp.

The game went 6 full turns with the Necrons winning 8-6 over the Dark Angels.

Here again with more Necron army progress. Over the weekend I was able to finish up work on the Necron Night Scythe. I am happy to get this unit finished…it is very effective, no wonder people play with three or more.
Night Scythe 1

While not difficult to assemble I think the green lines are getting to me.
Night Scythe 2

Going to take a few week away from working on the Necrons. I did get a monolith built but will be waiting to paint it.

A monthly blog post planning out hobby related commitments is something I meant to start in January…whoops. Anyhow, here goes…

For the month of February I’m looking to achieve the following.

  1. Paint current table to seal and protect it from moisture.
  2. Purge the models that I know I will not get to this year, or will not want to get to this year.
  3. Build and paint one more Scarab base for my Necron army thus giving me 10…think I can handle that.
  4. Build, base and prime the Empire of the Blazing Sun Starter Box for Dystopian Legions.
  5. Taking on a side project, Sammael, Master of the Ravenwing. Excited about this one and would like to get it all done before the end of the month.

It will be a busy month but think I can get this all done…if not, these tasks will have to fall to March.

*This post has been edited as I changed plans for several of the model projects I had considered.

Not much done in the way of models this month. Getting the table and the terrain finished encompassed the first part of the month and work has been keeping me busy for the second half.

Night Scythe & Crypteks

I did add two Crypteks to the army and will have a Nightscythe done in a day or so.

Nightscythe WIP

Looking to get more done in February. Next on the list will be another unit of 10 Necron Immortals and a Necron Monolith, this will get me to 1850 points. Also, after a bunch of back and forth (both in my head and with actual models being purchased and then returned)  I finally picked a second army to get started on…


We broke in the new table, got to see the new Dark Angels Codez in action, and managed to fit three games in for a great day of wargaming.

Game 1 – Chaos vs. Dark Angels, 1,700 points

Dark Angels ready for war

It was Matt’s Chaos force, led by the irascible Lord Commodious, versus Eric’s Dark Angels, command by none other than Azrael himself, for the first game. The mission was Crusade with “Hammer & Anvil” for deployment.

Chaos deployment

The Chaos force was spread from table edge to table edge with a large unit of Noise Marine, and a smaller unit of Havocs, covering the battlefield with their weapons. The Dark Angels struck early, landing a Drop Pod, filled with a squad of marines and Azrael, just behind enemy lines.

Azrael encouters Noise Marines

Later, in a bold move not uncommon for Lord Commodious, Matt used Deep Strike to bring in his Chaos Lord and Raptors while one of his units of Plague Marines burst from a Rhino in an effort to flank the Dark Angels.

Commodious descends

Despite this would be the guns of the Dark Angels that would win the day. At the end of 4 turns the Dark Angel army held 2 objectives and scored “Line Breaker” & “Slay the Warlord” leading them to a 8 – 4 victory.

Game 2- Grey Knights vs. Necrons, 1,400 points

The second game was Jen’s Grey Knights vs. my Necrons. The forces were 1400 points, with the mission and deployment being exactly the same as the earlier game…”Crusade” with “Hammer & Anvil” Deployment.


Necron Deployment

The Grey Knights, unafraid of the massed forces of Necrons pushed forward in an implacable march towards the objectives.

Necrons vs. Grey Knights

The Paladins, with added strength from a Grey Knight Librarian, proved too much for the two units of Necron Warriors guarding the flank.

While a unit of Grey Knight Terminators, weakened by a hail of gauss rifle fire, challenged Nemesor Zahndrek for the title “King of the Hill”.

Zahndrek King of the Hill

Despite massive Nercon losses this game ended up being very close. At the end of 5 turns it was a 4-3 Grey Knight Victory. The Knights held one objective and scored “First Blood” with the Necrons also holding one objective.

Game 3- Necrons vs. Dark Angels, 1,500 points

The final battle pitted Eric’s Dark Angels against my Necrons in a game of “The Relic”.

Necrons vs. Dark Angels

Both forces advanced on the objective and, despite getting there first, the Necrons were never able to take control of the objective.


Eric used his Librarian to cast “Prescience” on his Devastator Squad to good effect whittling down the Necrons warriors attempting to retrieve the objective.

Azreal faces down the Wraiths

Azrael proved his mettle for a second time during the day. The Dark Angels Chapter Master is not to be trifled with.

This game went by pretty quickly, and ended up being quite bloody. At the end of 5 turns neither side had captured the Relic but the Necrons eked out a 2-1 win by scoring both “Line Breaker” & “First Blood” with the Dark Angels also scoring Line Breaker.

Looking forward to the next set of games.

Wanted to get more done this month but a trip out of town and an increased work load stymied hobby plans. Still though, I did get a fair amount accomplished.

The Annihilation Barge was finished in time for a game against Eric where it performed pretty well before falling to the might of, none other than, Azrael, Grand Master of the Dark Angels Chapter. Needless to say, the man is not to be trifled with.

Annihilation Barge

Made some strides on the terrain for the table as well. All of the rock spires are prepped for primer and paint with three hills and three “forest” bases close to that point. Between waiting for the glue to dry on the terrain bits I was able to assemble the next 250 points that I will be adding to the Necron force, a Night Scythe, two Crypteks, and a Necron Lord (with a Resurrection Orb). The Night Scythe should give me some momentum on the table while the three character models will serve to add a punch to my rank and file troops.

Night Scythe & Crypteks

A good month all in all, looking forward to January.

Azrael vs. Necrons

Eric’s Dark Angels faced off against Erich’s Necrons in what will hopefully be their last battle before the new Dark Angel Codex is released.  It was a 1,250 point matchup and a decisive victory for the Necrons.  It was the first time we’ve seen Azrael and also the debut of the Annihilation Barge, both of which proved effective.  It was also the first time we’ve used mysterious terrain and mysterious objectives.

Hold the line!


  • The Dark Angel army was 2 10-man Tactical squads, one of them in a Razorback, a 5-man Devastator squad, a Dreadnought led by Azrael and a command squad in a drop pod.  An Aegis Defense Line with Quad Gun was also selected.
  • The Necron Army was 3 Warrior squads, 2 Squads of Immortals with Gauss Blasters, a large squad of Scarabs, 3 Wraiths, a Triarch Stalker, Annihilation Barge all led by a Lord.
  • Mission was Big Guns Never Tire, which meant that the Devastators and Barge were scoring.
  • Deployment was Hammer and Anvil, which would normally favor the longer range weapons of the Dark Angels, but the objectives were in the center so both forces deployed close to the line.
  • Dark Angels placed first, but the Necrons seized the initiative, giving them a significant advantage.
  •  The objectives were clumped in the middle, but biased towards the Necron’s side.

Scarab Infestation

Notable Events

  • Azrael fought through the Necron Lord’s Mind Shackle Scarabs for two combats, defeating the lord and breaking his squad, catching them in a sweeping advance. He then knocked two hull points off of the the Annihilation Barge on his way to engaging another squad of warrios (who proved to be resolute, passing a number of leadership tests).
  • The fast-moving Scarabs ensured that the Devastators never got a good shot off.
  • A mysterious forest ended up being Brainleaf Fronds, and in what must have been a spectacular sight, Brother Kleon shot himself 4 times with his own Multi-Melta.
  • As the last member of his squad, Brother Esau stood tall against a Triarch Stalker, eventually destroying it with a Krak Grenade.
  • The mysterious objectives did not have much effect, two of them giving skyfire, one being a bomb that didn’t detonate, a scatterfield and a dud.

And they shall know no fear

Lessons Learned

  • Azrael is a badass.
  • Annihilation Barge is an effective anti-Marine unit.
  • Mysterious Objectives were not as silly as many would make them seem.   They do add another level of randomness, but I don’t see any reason not to play with them, in fun games, at least.
  • Mysterious Terrain actually did affect the game, as they freed the Wraiths from a turn or two of melee, but again, I don’t see any reason not to play with them.

Objective Secured