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Games Workshop has yet again revolutionized the tabletop wargaming hobby with the 8th edition of it’s best-selling Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook.  The book is a whopping 1,265 pages long and costs $299.00.  It is only available on  The new book contains 1,264 pages of artwork you’re guaranteed to have seen in less than 100 other GW publications, and 1 page of simplified rules.  Salvaged Iron has decided to risk a Cease & Desist order by leaking the new game rules in their entirety.

1. Army Building – All figures that cost less than $100 now cost 1 point.  All figures that cost more than $100 cost 2,500 points.  All games are now played at 2,500 point level.

2. The player with the largest figure goes first.  The opposing player may seize the initiative by presenting over $1,000 in receipts from

3.  Movement: All 1 point figures may move 1″.  All 2,500 point figures can move 300 feet.

4. Shooting & Melee: 1 point figures may not shoot or charge.  2,500 point figures may target anything by shooting or charge anything within your ZIP code.  On a 2+ roll, you win the game.

After spending some time assembling models and trying various color schemes on test models I finally decided to paint up my Eldar army as Craftworld Mymeara. The base colors are interesting and the application makes for a fun challenge. Looking forward to getting this project on the table so I can play some 40k again.

Here are some early shots…more to come.


Test Model


Pushed through the weekend to finish up the remaining units. One month from start to finish and done a week early. Adding the following to the rest of the force.

Chaplain and a Scout Squad.

Venerable Dreadnought (terrible picture)

And a Drop Pod.


Was a fun project but I think I am going to take a break from painting Space Marines for a bit.


The goal for the weekend was to get more of the Kabalite Warriors assembled and pick a paint scheme that I’d be happy with the look of AND fine with painting again and again.

Dark Eldar Test 2

Very happy with the colors and the basing, a few tweaks that need to happen (or have happened), and it will be finished and I have another four warriors about 50% finished.

Edit – this project fell off due to work load and the summer…perhaps will be revisited.

DieThere’s an important thing to note when making decisions on numbers like those I posted yesterday. What you’re using as a fundamental metric are probabilities and differences in those probabilities. Combined with point costs, this gives you a good idea about efficiency.  However, efficiency doesn’t win games, effectiveness does. What you’re ultimately concerned about is the additional number of successes that you’ll get. For example:

20 Termagaunts who fire at BS3 can decide to take a twin-linked weapon or not. The chart I posted yesterday says that it will give you 50% more hits. Without twin-linked weapons, you’re going to average 10 hits. With the upgrade, you’re going to average 15 hits.

Now, as a contrived example because I can’t think of any real ones that fit, let’s say we’ve got 20 Veterans firing at BS5 that can also decide to take a twin-linked weapon or not. The chart I posted yesterday says that it will give you 16.7% more hits, which doesn’t sound like as much of a bargain, that’s only 1/3 of the boost that the Gaunts got! Without twin-linked weapons, you’re going to average 16.7 hits. With the upgrade, you’re going to average 19.4 hits, a net gain of 2.7 hits, which is more than half the gain of the Termagaunts, so it’s not as bad a deal as it seemed initially.

Yesterday’s chart came out of a question from Erich over whether a Twin-Linked, Strength 3 weapon was better than a single-shot, Strength 4 weapon. The answer, of course, is “it depends”. Against a Toughness 4 model, they’re actually the same (0.25 wounds per shot). Against a Toughness 3 model, twin-linked option fares a little better. Against a Toughness 5 model, the higher strength does better. And let’s not forget that the S4 weapon has a chance to glance a vehicle with 10 armor, while the S3 weapon does not.  Unless it’s a Gauss or Melta or an Armourbane weapon.  And so on.

So the lesson here is that if you’re not entirely comfortable with probabilities, read these tables carefully, as boiling something down to a single number is rarely going to be accurate when there are as many variables as a game like 40k has.  Fortunately, the game can’t always be boiled down to a simple, logical “no brainer”, because that would be terribly boring.

We broke in the new table, got to see the new Dark Angels Codez in action, and managed to fit three games in for a great day of wargaming.

Game 1 – Chaos vs. Dark Angels, 1,700 points

Dark Angels ready for war

It was Matt’s Chaos force, led by the irascible Lord Commodious, versus Eric’s Dark Angels, command by none other than Azrael himself, for the first game. The mission was Crusade with “Hammer & Anvil” for deployment.

Chaos deployment

The Chaos force was spread from table edge to table edge with a large unit of Noise Marine, and a smaller unit of Havocs, covering the battlefield with their weapons. The Dark Angels struck early, landing a Drop Pod, filled with a squad of marines and Azrael, just behind enemy lines.

Azrael encouters Noise Marines

Later, in a bold move not uncommon for Lord Commodious, Matt used Deep Strike to bring in his Chaos Lord and Raptors while one of his units of Plague Marines burst from a Rhino in an effort to flank the Dark Angels.

Commodious descends

Despite this would be the guns of the Dark Angels that would win the day. At the end of 4 turns the Dark Angel army held 2 objectives and scored “Line Breaker” & “Slay the Warlord” leading them to a 8 – 4 victory.

Game 2- Grey Knights vs. Necrons, 1,400 points

The second game was Jen’s Grey Knights vs. my Necrons. The forces were 1400 points, with the mission and deployment being exactly the same as the earlier game…”Crusade” with “Hammer & Anvil” Deployment.


Necron Deployment

The Grey Knights, unafraid of the massed forces of Necrons pushed forward in an implacable march towards the objectives.

Necrons vs. Grey Knights

The Paladins, with added strength from a Grey Knight Librarian, proved too much for the two units of Necron Warriors guarding the flank.

While a unit of Grey Knight Terminators, weakened by a hail of gauss rifle fire, challenged Nemesor Zahndrek for the title “King of the Hill”.

Zahndrek King of the Hill

Despite massive Nercon losses this game ended up being very close. At the end of 5 turns it was a 4-3 Grey Knight Victory. The Knights held one objective and scored “First Blood” with the Necrons also holding one objective.

Game 3- Necrons vs. Dark Angels, 1,500 points

The final battle pitted Eric’s Dark Angels against my Necrons in a game of “The Relic”.

Necrons vs. Dark Angels

Both forces advanced on the objective and, despite getting there first, the Necrons were never able to take control of the objective.


Eric used his Librarian to cast “Prescience” on his Devastator Squad to good effect whittling down the Necrons warriors attempting to retrieve the objective.

Azreal faces down the Wraiths

Azrael proved his mettle for a second time during the day. The Dark Angels Chapter Master is not to be trifled with.

This game went by pretty quickly, and ended up being quite bloody. At the end of 5 turns neither side had captured the Relic but the Necrons eked out a 2-1 win by scoring both “Line Breaker” & “First Blood” with the Dark Angels also scoring Line Breaker.

Looking forward to the next set of games.

I didn’t make very much hobby progress in December, although I did manage to get a couple of games in.  I received a few hobby-related gifts that should prove useful.

Tamiya Craft DrillI had asked for Tamiya Electric Handy Drill because I have a number of metal figures and drilling holes for pins in metal is very time-consuming.  The dremel is way too fast, so this seemed like  good compromise.  It actually comes as a model kit, which was unexpected but pretty cool.  It didn’t take terribly long to assemble, but it does have some very small parts.  It runs at a (non-variable) speed that is low enough that it is easy to control, and doesn’t have enough torque to ruin figures, so I’d say it is definitely a good addition to your hobby toolbox.

I also got the Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter.  Despite claims that wire cutters were messy and difficult to control, I had no problems with it.  It cut extremely clean and once you get the speed right, it’s very easy to control.  It is a bit overpriced for what it is, but at least it does its job well.  I was cutting 2″ foam insulation with no problem.  My table will finally get some hills!

The “leaked” White Dwarf posts about the Dark Angels gave some clarity to the release and the new units, and while the jury is still out on some of them, I can’t wait to get it in my hands in a few weeks.  I have a large number of unassembled figures that I don’t want to move forward with until I know about all of the wargear options.