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February was a weird month where I went back and forth between which army I’d like to work on next. I did a lot of purging of models that I do not plan to have time for, assembled my Dystopian Legions figures, and began painting them. Also, I assembled and primed the Necron Monolith as well as a new unit of Necron Immortals, 10 of them with tesla carbines. These are the last two units I need to get the Necron force to 1,850 points.

More Necron Units

Which brings me to my hobby commitments for the month of March:

1. Paint the Necron Monolith &  the unit of Necron Immortals.
2. Still need to get a coat of paint on the gaming table to seal it.
3. If I get the Sammael model from Eric, that needs to get done as soon as possible.
4. Try to get an intro game of Dystopian Legions in.
5. Attend a tournament on 3/30. Should be fun and looking forward to the upcoming tournament to provide some manner of inspiration in getting the rest of the Necrons painted.
6. Finally, with a second army selected it is time to start assembling and getting a few test models done.
Another busy month!

What’s better than a shotgun wielding, gas grenade throwing, shashimono wearing nutter…seven of them and a rocket launcher!

EotBS Ashigaru 2

Eric talked about his Dystopian Legions starter box here and they are great…but don’t have any katana, or ninja so I went with the Empire of the Blazing Sun for my Dystopian Legions force.

The models are great, a bit fiddly here and there and, as Eric mentioned, finely cast so their swords and other small bits bend very easily…care must indeed be taken while transporting these models. Here and there I used pins to reinforce the area on the model where things glued together, especially the sword arms of the shinobi and the back banners on the main troops.

EotBS ready for primer.

Looking forward to trying the game out, even if it is a bust, the models will certainly be fun to paint.

Progress on resolution #6 is underway.  I’ve picked up a Federated States of America starter pack for Dystopian Legions by Spartan Games, and Erich has grabbed an Empire of the Blazing Sun starter.

DSC_9705 1.psd

What drew me to this game was, not surprisingly, the figures.  They are fantastic.  They are very detailed, and every army has some really amazing sculpts.  The game is all human, but they are much more realistically proportioned than Imperial Guard and less superhero-ish than most other games.

DSC_9700 1.psd

Assembly was a bit challenging.  First there’s the minor detail that there are two different sized bases, and no instruction on which figures go on which.  I was able to piece it together from pictures in the rule book, but there isn’t a picture of every model so some deduction was needed.  I think I got it right in the end.

DSC_9711 1.psd

The real challenge was that these figures are so finely cast that many of the pieces are extremely easy to bend. I was able to get everything together without breaking anything, but these are definitely figures you’re going to want to take great care with when transporting.  For some of them, I plan on magnetizing the bases and transporting them on a metal sheet rather than in foam, which will definitely bend and eventually break the bits like the axes and long rifles.

DSC_9706 1.psd


I’m definitely looking forward to trying the game out, it seems fun and fast-paced, a good contrast after a 2 or 3 hours 40k game.

A monthly blog post planning out hobby related commitments is something I meant to start in January…whoops. Anyhow, here goes…

For the month of February I’m looking to achieve the following.

  1. Paint current table to seal and protect it from moisture.
  2. Purge the models that I know I will not get to this year, or will not want to get to this year.
  3. Build and paint one more Scarab base for my Necron army thus giving me 10…think I can handle that.
  4. Build, base and prime the Empire of the Blazing Sun Starter Box for Dystopian Legions.
  5. Taking on a side project, Sammael, Master of the Ravenwing. Excited about this one and would like to get it all done before the end of the month.

It will be a busy month but think I can get this all done…if not, these tasks will have to fall to March.

*This post has been edited as I changed plans for several of the model projects I had considered.

Like Eric, I am making some “hobby-related-resoultions” for 2013.

1. Need to get my gaming table completely built and painted before hosting any games. Also need to finish the initial bits of terrain I have planned and get a some sort of mat to cover the table.

2. Finish all of the Necron models and kits that I have. Collect, build and paint a second army.

3. Play in two local tournaments.

4. Finally, I would like to pick up a few Warmachine/Hordes, models to build a small army and give it a try. Possibly Dystopian Wars or Legion, depending on interest, as well.

Here are some of my goals for the coming year.

For the sake of definitions, I consider “fully painted” to mean the figure is completely done, as in the touchup, basing, decals, clearcoat, everything.

  1. Field a fully painted 2500 point Dark Angels Army (pretty close to this one already).
  2. Field a fully painted 1500 point Ravenwing Army (I already have most of the figures).
  3. Field a fully painted 1500 point Deathwing Army (I already have most of the figures).
  4. Field a fully painted 1500 point Ork Army (I have about 1/3 of the figures).
  5. Play in an apocalypse game.
  6. Try at least two other miniatures games (Warmachine/Hordes and Dystopian Legions are the current contenders).