Cast Iron 40k

by Eric

If I were to run a tournament, what follows is what I would put in place for rules.

  1. All units except those purchased as troops, and dedicated transports, are 0-1 (unique).
  2. No allies.
  3. Only the main rulebook, standard codexes, codex supplements, and FAQs may be used (no dataslates, Escalation, Stronghold Assault, etc.).
  4. Troops must constitute at least 20% of your points.
  5. Total dedicated transport cost cannot exceed troop cost, and dedicated transports do not count towards the 20% from rule 4.

Stat Changes:

  • Baleflamer is AP 4

This is actually the way our group plays by default, and it is a lot more fun than the cheeseball arms race that competitive 40k has turned into.  Perhaps this is because we “grew up” in 40k long before flyers and Matt Ward, but even now these games are more fun than the ones I see happening elsewhere.

Now this may not treat every codex fairly, no ruleset will, especially since the codexes aren’t really balanced to begin with.  I do think it strikes a balance between simplicity and equity though.  If you disagree or have ideas for more or better rules, comments are open!

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