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February was a weird month where I went back and forth between which army I’d like to work on next. I did a lot of purging of models that I do not plan to have time for, assembled my Dystopian Legions figures, and began painting them. Also, I assembled and primed the Necron Monolith as well as a new unit of Necron Immortals, 10 of them with tesla carbines. These are the last two units I need to get the Necron force to 1,850 points.

More Necron Units

Which brings me to my hobby commitments for the month of March:

1. Paint the Necron Monolith &  the unit of Necron Immortals.
2. Still need to get a coat of paint on the gaming table to seal it.
3. If I get the Sammael model from Eric, that needs to get done as soon as possible.
4. Try to get an intro game of Dystopian Legions in.
5. Attend a tournament on 3/30. Should be fun and looking forward to the upcoming tournament to provide some manner of inspiration in getting the rest of the Necrons painted.
6. Finally, with a second army selected it is time to start assembling and getting a few test models done.
Another busy month!

Necrons vs. Tyranids

Last week a friend brought 1500 points of Tyranids over for a game against my Necrons. We played “Purge the Alien” (fitting) with the “Hammer & Anvil” deployment.

Necrons ready their weapons for coming rush…
Necrons Deployed to face Tyranids

Most of Tyler’s points were tied up in expensive creatures or units that were held in reserve. It did not seem like the Necrons would have to face a horde of hissing gaunts or genestealers.
Tyranid deployment (several more units in reserve)

The game ended up being very bloody. The Necrons were content to wait until the majority of the Tyrnaids got into range of their massed weaponry but were harangued by a Trygon bursting from the ground in their defensive line. Also, a large brood of Ymgarl Genestealers burst from their hiding spot to add to the pressure by assaulting and destroying a Triarch Stalker (which has been renamed to “First Blood”)

In the end the Tyranids lost all but their largest creatures to concentrated gauss weapon fire before crashing into the Necron lines. Early barrages from Tyranids Warriors and Hive Guard (truly nasty) had weakened the Necron line and the monstrous creatures made short work of Necron Warriors and Immortals alike.  Several turns in a row Tyler used “Iron Arm” to make his Tervigon so tough that I was not able to wound it at all in close combat or with most of my available shooting.
Tyler's Tervigon & Tyranid Warriors

At the end of the game it was an 8 to 7 point Tyranid Victory. Despite losing an entire unit of Gargoyles to a terrible Deep Strike Mishap and watching his Trygon get captured by the Necron Overlord’s Tesseract Labyrinth, Tyler pulled out a close win.

A fun game for sure. I can’t really think of anything I should have done differently as nothing would have let me score the 2 more points I would have needed to eek out a win…or even one more point to force a draw.

What’s better than a shotgun wielding, gas grenade throwing, shashimono wearing nutter…seven of them and a rocket launcher!

EotBS Ashigaru 2

Eric talked about his Dystopian Legions starter box here and they are great…but don’t have any katana, or ninja so I went with the Empire of the Blazing Sun for my Dystopian Legions force.

The models are great, a bit fiddly here and there and, as Eric mentioned, finely cast so their swords and other small bits bend very easily…care must indeed be taken while transporting these models. Here and there I used pins to reinforce the area on the model where things glued together, especially the sword arms of the shinobi and the back banners on the main troops.

EotBS ready for primer.

Looking forward to trying the game out, even if it is a bust, the models will certainly be fun to paint.

Progress on resolution #6 is underway.  I’ve picked up a Federated States of America starter pack for Dystopian Legions by Spartan Games, and Erich has grabbed an Empire of the Blazing Sun starter.

DSC_9705 1.psd

What drew me to this game was, not surprisingly, the figures.  They are fantastic.  They are very detailed, and every army has some really amazing sculpts.  The game is all human, but they are much more realistically proportioned than Imperial Guard and less superhero-ish than most other games.

DSC_9700 1.psd

Assembly was a bit challenging.  First there’s the minor detail that there are two different sized bases, and no instruction on which figures go on which.  I was able to piece it together from pictures in the rule book, but there isn’t a picture of every model so some deduction was needed.  I think I got it right in the end.

DSC_9711 1.psd

The real challenge was that these figures are so finely cast that many of the pieces are extremely easy to bend. I was able to get everything together without breaking anything, but these are definitely figures you’re going to want to take great care with when transporting.  For some of them, I plan on magnetizing the bases and transporting them on a metal sheet rather than in foam, which will definitely bend and eventually break the bits like the axes and long rifles.

DSC_9706 1.psd


I’m definitely looking forward to trying the game out, it seems fun and fast-paced, a good contrast after a 2 or 3 hours 40k game.

January was an interesting month, mainly due to the release of the new Dark Angels Codex.  My thoughts on that are here.  Now that I know how my army will look for the next few years, I have picked up some additional figures, including the new Deathwing Set which I plan to make into Knights.  I’ve also ordered Sammael and Belial, and will be making a unit of Black Knights as well.  I’m still not sold on the flyer or the land speeder, although I will most likely get one of each once my other figures are ready.

Getting to play a few games on Erich’s new table was good, with a blowout against Matt’s Chaos Space Marines and a close loss to Erich’s Necrons.

I did actually make some hobby progress, nearly finishing up my Vindictator:

Dark Angels Vindicator

And my retro Whirlwind:

Dark Angels Whirlwind

I also picked up some non-40k figures and with some trades managed to accumulate quite a pile of things to work on. Hopefully February will be productive!

Eric came by with his Dark Angels for a game on Saturday. We played 1500 points, the mission was “The Scouring” with “Dawn of War” deployment.

Some of the Necron Deployment
BR 1

Foolishly I did not take many pictures of the game. The Dark Angels set up with a strong presence on each side of the table where the Necrons set up mostly in the center. My plan was to work strongly on the Dark Angel left flank in order to capture one of the objectives that was placed on that side of the table.

One side of the Dark Angel’s deployment.
BR 2

This was a bloody game with both sides loosing many units and models. Luck was on my side when it came to rolling for my “Reanimation Protocols” and turn after turn Eric would blow Necron Warrior units apart only to see the majority of the dead models stand back up.

Eric’s dice were working against him, rolling snake eyes at one point for a charge with a unit of Ravenwing bikes not only did not get them into close combat, but two or three died to overwatch shots. And perils of the warp befell the Dark Angels Librarian twice in the game…removing him as a casualty, his mind snapped under the corrupting influence of the Warp.

The game went 6 full turns with the Necrons winning 8-6 over the Dark Angels.

Here again with more Necron army progress. Over the weekend I was able to finish up work on the Necron Night Scythe. I am happy to get this unit finished…it is very effective, no wonder people play with three or more.
Night Scythe 1

While not difficult to assemble I think the green lines are getting to me.
Night Scythe 2

Going to take a few week away from working on the Necrons. I did get a monolith built but will be waiting to paint it.

DieThere’s an important thing to note when making decisions on numbers like those I posted yesterday. What you’re using as a fundamental metric are probabilities and differences in those probabilities. Combined with point costs, this gives you a good idea about efficiency.  However, efficiency doesn’t win games, effectiveness does. What you’re ultimately concerned about is the additional number of successes that you’ll get. For example:

20 Termagaunts who fire at BS3 can decide to take a twin-linked weapon or not. The chart I posted yesterday says that it will give you 50% more hits. Without twin-linked weapons, you’re going to average 10 hits. With the upgrade, you’re going to average 15 hits.

Now, as a contrived example because I can’t think of any real ones that fit, let’s say we’ve got 20 Veterans firing at BS5 that can also decide to take a twin-linked weapon or not. The chart I posted yesterday says that it will give you 16.7% more hits, which doesn’t sound like as much of a bargain, that’s only 1/3 of the boost that the Gaunts got! Without twin-linked weapons, you’re going to average 16.7 hits. With the upgrade, you’re going to average 19.4 hits, a net gain of 2.7 hits, which is more than half the gain of the Termagaunts, so it’s not as bad a deal as it seemed initially.

Yesterday’s chart came out of a question from Erich over whether a Twin-Linked, Strength 3 weapon was better than a single-shot, Strength 4 weapon. The answer, of course, is “it depends”. Against a Toughness 4 model, they’re actually the same (0.25 wounds per shot). Against a Toughness 3 model, twin-linked option fares a little better. Against a Toughness 5 model, the higher strength does better. And let’s not forget that the S4 weapon has a chance to glance a vehicle with 10 armor, while the S3 weapon does not.  Unless it’s a Gauss or Melta or an Armourbane weapon.  And so on.

So the lesson here is that if you’re not entirely comfortable with probabilities, read these tables carefully, as boiling something down to a single number is rarely going to be accurate when there are as many variables as a game like 40k has.  Fortunately, the game can’t always be boiled down to a simple, logical “no brainer”, because that would be terribly boring.