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twinsThe main lesson here is that the lower your Ballistic Skill, the more using a Twin-Linked weapon will help.  This is something to consider when deciding if an upgrade is worth the points, or who you want to cast something like Prescience on.

Here’s a handy chart:

Chance to Hit
BS Single Shot Twin-Linked % Increase
1 16.7% 30.6% 83.3%
2 33.3% 55.6% 66.7%
3 50.0% 75.0% 50.0%
4 66.7% 88.9% 33.3%
5 83.3% 97.2% 16.7%
6 86.1% 98.1% 13.9%
7 88.9% 98.8% 11.1%
8 91.7% 99.3% 8.3%
9 94.4% 99.7% 5.6%
10 97.2% 99.9% 2.8%

Note that a similar effect happens with WS and Master-Crafted weapons, but this difference is diminished by the fact that WS “bands” work differently.

A monthly blog post planning out hobby related commitments is something I meant to start in January…whoops. Anyhow, here goes…

For the month of February I’m looking to achieve the following.

  1. Paint current table to seal and protect it from moisture.
  2. Purge the models that I know I will not get to this year, or will not want to get to this year.
  3. Build and paint one more Scarab base for my Necron army thus giving me 10…think I can handle that.
  4. Build, base and prime the Empire of the Blazing Sun Starter Box for Dystopian Legions.
  5. Taking on a side project, Sammael, Master of the Ravenwing. Excited about this one and would like to get it all done before the end of the month.

It will be a busy month but think I can get this all done…if not, these tasks will have to fall to March.

*This post has been edited as I changed plans for several of the model projects I had considered.

Not much done in the way of models this month. Getting the table and the terrain finished encompassed the first part of the month and work has been keeping me busy for the second half.

Night Scythe & Crypteks

I did add two Crypteks to the army and will have a Nightscythe done in a day or so.

Nightscythe WIP

Looking to get more done in February. Next on the list will be another unit of 10 Necron Immortals and a Necron Monolith, this will get me to 1850 points. Also, after a bunch of back and forth (both in my head and with actual models being purchased and then returned)  I finally picked a second army to get started on…


We broke in the new table, got to see the new Dark Angels Codez in action, and managed to fit three games in for a great day of wargaming.

Game 1 – Chaos vs. Dark Angels, 1,700 points

Dark Angels ready for war

It was Matt’s Chaos force, led by the irascible Lord Commodious, versus Eric’s Dark Angels, command by none other than Azrael himself, for the first game. The mission was Crusade with “Hammer & Anvil” for deployment.

Chaos deployment

The Chaos force was spread from table edge to table edge with a large unit of Noise Marine, and a smaller unit of Havocs, covering the battlefield with their weapons. The Dark Angels struck early, landing a Drop Pod, filled with a squad of marines and Azrael, just behind enemy lines.

Azrael encouters Noise Marines

Later, in a bold move not uncommon for Lord Commodious, Matt used Deep Strike to bring in his Chaos Lord and Raptors while one of his units of Plague Marines burst from a Rhino in an effort to flank the Dark Angels.

Commodious descends

Despite this would be the guns of the Dark Angels that would win the day. At the end of 4 turns the Dark Angel army held 2 objectives and scored “Line Breaker” & “Slay the Warlord” leading them to a 8 – 4 victory.

Game 2- Grey Knights vs. Necrons, 1,400 points

The second game was Jen’s Grey Knights vs. my Necrons. The forces were 1400 points, with the mission and deployment being exactly the same as the earlier game…”Crusade” with “Hammer & Anvil” Deployment.


Necron Deployment

The Grey Knights, unafraid of the massed forces of Necrons pushed forward in an implacable march towards the objectives.

Necrons vs. Grey Knights

The Paladins, with added strength from a Grey Knight Librarian, proved too much for the two units of Necron Warriors guarding the flank.

While a unit of Grey Knight Terminators, weakened by a hail of gauss rifle fire, challenged Nemesor Zahndrek for the title “King of the Hill”.

Zahndrek King of the Hill

Despite massive Nercon losses this game ended up being very close. At the end of 5 turns it was a 4-3 Grey Knight Victory. The Knights held one objective and scored “First Blood” with the Necrons also holding one objective.

Game 3- Necrons vs. Dark Angels, 1,500 points

The final battle pitted Eric’s Dark Angels against my Necrons in a game of “The Relic”.

Necrons vs. Dark Angels

Both forces advanced on the objective and, despite getting there first, the Necrons were never able to take control of the objective.


Eric used his Librarian to cast “Prescience” on his Devastator Squad to good effect whittling down the Necrons warriors attempting to retrieve the objective.

Azreal faces down the Wraiths

Azrael proved his mettle for a second time during the day. The Dark Angels Chapter Master is not to be trifled with.

This game went by pretty quickly, and ended up being quite bloody. At the end of 5 turns neither side had captured the Relic but the Necrons eked out a 2-1 win by scoring both “Line Breaker” & “First Blood” with the Dark Angels also scoring Line Breaker.

Looking forward to the next set of games.

Dark Angels Codex

Dark Angels CodexI finally got my new Dark Angels Codex, and while pretty much every other 40k blog out there has a post about it, I figured I’d share my thoughts since I actually play them.

Many people (who didn’t buy a Heldrake) complained that the Chaos Space Marine codex was underpowered because it didn’t suffer from codex creep, and those people might use the new DA book as further proof.  I’d say that they might be right, there isn’t really any creep here.  As far as power level goes, I’d put it a slight notch about the regular Space Marine book, but below Grey Knights or Space Wolves.  It is a very coherent, flexible army but lacks the star power of some of the overpowered and/or undercosted units you see elsewhere.

I won’t cover all of the changes, but here are the things that stand out to me.


All of the characters have been brought up to modern standards.  Azrael is even better, unlocking both terminators and bikes as troops.  He can choose his own warlord trait, but none of them are very sexy.  Belial and Ezekiel have been buffed a bit, Sammael is the same. Regular Librarians and Chaplains lost an attack and point of initiative, but they’re also cheaper.

There are three different command squad options, all with lots of flexibility.  Power armor and Ravenwing champions downgraded their power weapon for “Blade of Caliban” which is S+1, AP3, but unwieldy.  Deathwing champions get a sexy “Halberd of Caliban” which is S+2, Ap2.

Techmarines are now unlocked by HQ slots, not vehicles.

As far as relics go, Foe-smiter and the Mace of Redemption seem decent.  Lion’s Roar is a little expensive.  The Monster Slayer and Shroud of Heroes are way too expensive.


Tactical squad have more flexibility, which is great.   Veteran sergeants are an optional upgrade, and all sergeants can be given a good selection of wargear (combi weapons, storm bolter, power weapons, etc).  Scouts are troops too, so they’re actually worth considering now.


Terminators have split fire now, which is nice.  You can pop a vehicle with your missle launcher or assault cannon and not have to waste your storm bolters.  ”Vengeful Strike” gives them twin-linked weapons after deep striking, also very nice.

The Knights are a new marquee unit, and they’re great … except against other non-Chaos Space Marines.  You’ll be spending 235 points to enjoy the choir of pings and clanks as their AP4 maces bounce off power armor.  Against CSM they have -1AP, so they’re going to be very effective, and they’ll do well against most other armies too.

Fast Attack

Bikes now have Hit & Run, which opens up a whole set of options, and the fact that they’re also scouts (outflank) makes them a very useful tool.

The Black Knights are probably my favorite new unit.  They have everything the normal bikes have, plus Skilled Rider (4++ Jink), S5 rending  melee weapon, plasma guns instead of bolters and grenades to drop opponents toughness.  There’s a bit of confusion about whether the grenades affect other shots from the same unit, but even if they don’t , this is a very solid choice that I think will be in most of my armies.

The Darkshroud seems very useful in a Ravenwing army, but it could also add value in a heavy gunline army.

The assault squad had a nice little surprise.  Not only is it cheaper, but they can now take two flamers!  You can even give the sergeant a combi-flamer for a third template when you need it.


The biggest disappointment of the book, especially since they did a nice job with the models.  I would have run out and gotten these models first, now I’m not sure if I want them at all.

The Jetfighter is decent anti-air, giving you roughly a 50% chance to knock anything out of the air, but it is WAY too expensive.  It should be in the 120 range, max, and even then it would be a debatable use of a FA slot.

The Dark Talon is probably the dumbest flyer in the game.  It has 2 hurricane bolters, which I’m very much not a fan of, a weak S5, AP- cannon, and a one-use blind bomb.

Heavy Support

Devastators are cheaper, and the sergeant has a signum (+1BS to another model).  Very nice.

Land Raiders are still too expensive.

Land Speeder Vengeance is another disappointment.  The Plasma Storm battery in burst mode gives you 3 chances each turn to lose one of your two hull points to “Gets Hot!”.  In charged mode, it is a watered-down demolisher cannon (that may cost you a hull point).  Oh, and it’s 24″ range.  For 15 points more than a vindicator.  A vindicator with a siege shield is slower, but will navigate terrain almost as effectively, has much higher armor, a much better weapon, and the same limited range.  Doesn’t seem like much of a choice to me.


As far as a fun/fluffy codex goes, it’s great.  It’s certainly better than the dreck I was using before.  There’s no reason you can’t hold your own against any other normal army.  You can play some very different armies with the same codex, and many of the units will help each other, giving you some fun strategic options.  If you’re looking for a competitive force, you may want to look elsewhere, it lacks the punch and focus of the lists you can make with other books.

All of my free time has been going into getting a gaming table ready. So far I’ve got about 25 pieces of terrain built and looking at getting it all painted in the next week or so. The initial terrain set will be desert themed with a bit of  Necron flavor to it…eventually I will build some Necron plinths or obelisks.

I forgot how much fun it can be to work on terrain. When faced with the task I had considered just going out and buying a bunch of pre-made stuff but decided against it (especially given the cost of building the actual table and, of course, wanting more models for the game). While it has been a load of work I am very happy that I stuck with the homemade stuff…it is unique and hopefully very durable.

I did purchase one bit of GW terrain. The GW Moonscape set was picked up at discount, and saved me from making some convincing looking craters. These were glued to some plastic card bases and textured with various bits of gravel and sand.

Looking to be done with the table in a week and cannot wait to game on it.