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Like Eric, I am making some “hobby-related-resoultions” for 2013.

1. Need to get my gaming table completely built and painted before hosting any games. Also need to finish the initial bits of terrain I have planned and get a some sort of mat to cover the table.

2. Finish all of the Necron models and kits that I have. Collect, build and paint a second army.

3. Play in two local tournaments.

4. Finally, I would like to pick up a few Warmachine/Hordes, models to build a small army and give it a try. Possibly Dystopian Wars or Legion, depending on interest, as well.

Wanted to get more done this month but a trip out of town and an increased work load stymied hobby plans. Still though, I did get a fair amount accomplished.

The Annihilation Barge was finished in time for a game against Eric where it performed pretty well before falling to the might of, none other than, Azrael, Grand Master of the Dark Angels Chapter. Needless to say, the man is not to be trifled with.

Annihilation Barge

Made some strides on the terrain for the table as well. All of the rock spires are prepped for primer and paint with three hills and three “forest” bases close to that point. Between waiting for the glue to dry on the terrain bits I was able to assemble the next 250 points that I will be adding to the Necron force, a Night Scythe, two Crypteks, and a Necron Lord (with a Resurrection Orb). The Night Scythe should give me some momentum on the table while the three character models will serve to add a punch to my rank and file troops.

Night Scythe & Crypteks

A good month all in all, looking forward to January.

I didn’t make very much hobby progress in December, although I did manage to get a couple of games in.  I received a few hobby-related gifts that should prove useful.

Tamiya Craft DrillI had asked for Tamiya Electric Handy Drill because I have a number of metal figures and drilling holes for pins in metal is very time-consuming.  The dremel is way too fast, so this seemed like  good compromise.  It actually comes as a model kit, which was unexpected but pretty cool.  It didn’t take terribly long to assemble, but it does have some very small parts.  It runs at a (non-variable) speed that is low enough that it is easy to control, and doesn’t have enough torque to ruin figures, so I’d say it is definitely a good addition to your hobby toolbox.

I also got the Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter.  Despite claims that wire cutters were messy and difficult to control, I had no problems with it.  It cut extremely clean and once you get the speed right, it’s very easy to control.  It is a bit overpriced for what it is, but at least it does its job well.  I was cutting 2″ foam insulation with no problem.  My table will finally get some hills!

The “leaked” White Dwarf posts about the Dark Angels gave some clarity to the release and the new units, and while the jury is still out on some of them, I can’t wait to get it in my hands in a few weeks.  I have a large number of unassembled figures that I don’t want to move forward with until I know about all of the wargear options.

Here are some of my goals for the coming year.

For the sake of definitions, I consider “fully painted” to mean the figure is completely done, as in the touchup, basing, decals, clearcoat, everything.

  1. Field a fully painted 2500 point Dark Angels Army (pretty close to this one already).
  2. Field a fully painted 1500 point Ravenwing Army (I already have most of the figures).
  3. Field a fully painted 1500 point Deathwing Army (I already have most of the figures).
  4. Field a fully painted 1500 point Ork Army (I have about 1/3 of the figures).
  5. Play in an apocalypse game.
  6. Try at least two other miniatures games (Warmachine/Hordes and Dystopian Legions are the current contenders).


Azrael vs. Necrons

Eric’s Dark Angels faced off against Erich’s Necrons in what will hopefully be their last battle before the new Dark Angel Codex is released.  It was a 1,250 point matchup and a decisive victory for the Necrons.  It was the first time we’ve seen Azrael and also the debut of the Annihilation Barge, both of which proved effective.  It was also the first time we’ve used mysterious terrain and mysterious objectives.

Hold the line!


  • The Dark Angel army was 2 10-man Tactical squads, one of them in a Razorback, a 5-man Devastator squad, a Dreadnought led by Azrael and a command squad in a drop pod.  An Aegis Defense Line with Quad Gun was also selected.
  • The Necron Army was 3 Warrior squads, 2 Squads of Immortals with Gauss Blasters, a large squad of Scarabs, 3 Wraiths, a Triarch Stalker, Annihilation Barge all led by a Lord.
  • Mission was Big Guns Never Tire, which meant that the Devastators and Barge were scoring.
  • Deployment was Hammer and Anvil, which would normally favor the longer range weapons of the Dark Angels, but the objectives were in the center so both forces deployed close to the line.
  • Dark Angels placed first, but the Necrons seized the initiative, giving them a significant advantage.
  •  The objectives were clumped in the middle, but biased towards the Necron’s side.

Scarab Infestation

Notable Events

  • Azrael fought through the Necron Lord’s Mind Shackle Scarabs for two combats, defeating the lord and breaking his squad, catching them in a sweeping advance. He then knocked two hull points off of the the Annihilation Barge on his way to engaging another squad of warrios (who proved to be resolute, passing a number of leadership tests).
  • The fast-moving Scarabs ensured that the Devastators never got a good shot off.
  • A mysterious forest ended up being Brainleaf Fronds, and in what must have been a spectacular sight, Brother Kleon shot himself 4 times with his own Multi-Melta.
  • As the last member of his squad, Brother Esau stood tall against a Triarch Stalker, eventually destroying it with a Krak Grenade.
  • The mysterious objectives did not have much effect, two of them giving skyfire, one being a bomb that didn’t detonate, a scatterfield and a dud.

And they shall know no fear

Lessons Learned

  • Azrael is a badass.
  • Annihilation Barge is an effective anti-Marine unit.
  • Mysterious Objectives were not as silly as many would make them seem.   They do add another level of randomness, but I don’t see any reason not to play with them, in fun games, at least.
  • Mysterious Terrain actually did affect the game, as they freed the Wraiths from a turn or two of melee, but again, I don’t see any reason not to play with them.

Objective Secured

Finally finished the Annihilation Barge for the Necron Army…bringing it to 1250 points.
Annihilation Barge 2

Lack of interest in this model hurt the progress and it ended up taking a lot longer than I thought it would. Still would like to go back for a final pass to do some touch ups.
Annihilation Barge

Not sure what Necron unit I will be painting next…could be a Doomsday Ark, a few Crypteks, or perhaps another unit of Immortals. For now I will be taking a break to give me the time I need to finish getting all of the terrain done for the gaming table.

Having a rough go of getting the Annihilation Barge finished (perhaps I do not care for the model or maybe I need a break from black and green) so I decided to build a table over the weekend.
Table 1

There are few more things to finish ip, two more under supports and possible adding some boards to create a lip around the edge of the table but, for now it will work just great and is plenty sturdy.

To see if I was working on enough terrain I laid out all the bits I have started so far, seems good start.
Table 2

Now, I really need to finish that Barge…

The Hobbit

I like Games Workshop.  I think they’ve always had great figures.  The only time when I can say that they didn’t rank at the top in terms of my favorite figures on the market was probably before Conrontation imploded.  I think the newer Chaos figures are some of their best yet and am eagerly awaiting this new level of quality to come visit my Dark Angels.

I love the Hobbit.  It’s unquestionably the book I’ve re-read the most times in my life, and considering that I don’t re-read 99% of my books, that’s saying something.

So WTF happened to the new Hobbit game?  These figures are scrawny, the poses are boring, and overall the figures look like a minor upgrade from Rogue Trader.  Did GW put their B team on this release?  I know that the old LotR game never reached the sales of 40k or Fantasy, but they must have paid a decent price for this license and I couldn’t have less interest in it.


November ended up being a pleasingly productive month, despite the lack of blog posts to support it. Some of these are posts in progress, as I tend to do too many things at once.

I made a lot of painting progress, getting over 70 Space Marines nearly done.  I still need to paint the bases and do the decals, and will post more details when those are ready.

I played in my first 40k tournament in well over a decade, a doubles tournament with Erich. It was a great fast-paced way to learn the game better. I only had two games under my belt going into it, and played three games there. We didn’t field a very competitive force as we both generally try to stick to the “no paint, no play” rule. Since we’re building/rebuilding our armies, we’re doing it from the bottom up, and thus we had two armies of almost all troops and/or foot soldiers, and didn’t have the firepower to deal with things like Heldrakes nor did we have the range and mobility to deal with a well emplaced Imperial Guard force. It was definitely fun though, and thank you to Battleground Games for hosting a good tourney.

I used a fortification for the first time, an Aegis Defense Line.  Even without opposing flyers, it was very effective, not only in giving the sergeant of my Devastator squad something to do, but strategically.  It forced my opponent, an Imperial Guard Army featuring Al’Rahem (his whole platoon outflanks), to think long and hard about where to deploy.  The 4+ cover bonus was also an effective deterrent, although anyone who strayed out from behind it payed a dear price.

December is promising as well, with The Whiz holding “mini tournaments” and a whole fleet of tanks taking shape.  Not to mention that if the new Dark Angels codex is truly on the horizon, some more reliable rumors and maybe even some pre-orders should be appearing this month.