Daily Archives: November 15, 2012

Modeling and painting progress continues. Having had a few games with my first 1000 point force, I’ve decided enough troop units for now, time to get on with one of the more interesting Necron kits…Canoptek Wraiths. The current force feels like it could use a bit of a punch in the assault and speed departments and this unit should do nicely.

The models were fun and easy to assemble. Decided to build two of them with whip cords and the third with a particle caster.

Wraiths WIP 1

Painting followed the same standard previously set to keep everything tied together with one simple color scheme. Have to say that I’m enjoying the new Citadel paint line. Locally they are the easiest paints to get a hold of and they work well for this Necron project. Eventually I will collect more of the Vallejo range (my favorite). While I have close to 80 bottles from the range they’ve all been siting for over 10 years and most are no longer worth using.

Wraiths WIP 3

The finished unit…need to go back for a few touch ups but they are now table ready. Just in time as well! There is a team tournament coming up and I’m hoping this unit will perform well on the tabletop.
Finished Wraiths

Next up will be some Heavy Support in the form of an Annihilation Barge.