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Progress on an Annihilation Barge has been slow due to real life demands but it is close to being done. Finishing this will bring my Necrons to painted points total of 1250. Annihiltion Barge WIP 2

Began working on scenery for my gaming table. It will be desert themed so I built some rock spires and a few hills so far. They need a bit of work before they get any paint, but they are well on the way.
Terrain WIP

Also spent a day at a local tournament with Egg. The two of combined out armies for a doubles tournament event. It was a great time and the two of us learned a lot about the game.

Modeling and painting progress continues. Having had a few games with my first 1000 point force, I’ve decided enough troop units for now, time to get on with one of the more interesting Necron kits…Canoptek Wraiths. The current force feels like it could use a bit of a punch in the assault and speed departments and this unit should do nicely.

The models were fun and easy to assemble. Decided to build two of them with whip cords and the third with a particle caster.

Wraiths WIP 1

Painting followed the same standard previously set to keep everything tied together with one simple color scheme. Have to say that I’m enjoying the new Citadel paint line. Locally they are the easiest paints to get a hold of and they work well for this Necron project. Eventually I will collect more of the Vallejo range (my favorite). While I have close to 80 bottles from the range they’ve all been siting for over 10 years and most are no longer worth using.

Wraiths WIP 3

The finished unit…need to go back for a few touch ups but they are now table ready. Just in time as well! There is a team tournament coming up and I’m hoping this unit will perform well on the tabletop.
Finished Wraiths

Next up will be some Heavy Support in the form of an Annihilation Barge.

I won’t call this a battle report because we didn’t track things turn by turn, but we did play a couple of games and learn more about our armies.

Game 1 – Dark Angels vs. Necrons, 1,000 points

Necron force deployment

This was Waits’ first game with his new Necron army.  Both sides were very troop heavy, partly because we’re (re)building our armies and wanted to start with the basics, but also because we’re both mindful of fluff and feel that troops should always be the core of the army.  This is one of the things I like about the new rules, that troops are the only way to win (although with the large number of “taken as troops” abilities in each army, it’s not always the weakest guys).

There is a doubles tournament happening soon that we’ll be joining forces for, so this was also a trial run for those lists.

Dark Angel force deployment


  • The Dark Angel army was 3 10-man Tactical squads and a 10-man Devastator squad, led by a chaplain with a jump pack.
  • The Necron Army was 2 large Warrior squads, a squad of Immortals with Gauss Blasters, a squad of Scarabs, a Triarch Stalker, all led by a Lord.
  • Mission was The Scouring, which meant that the Scarabs were scoring.
  • Deployment was Hammer and Anvil, which favored the longer range weapons of the Dark Angels.
  • Dark Angels placed and went first, to no significant advantage or detriment.
  •  The objectives were even spread throughout the board, but the higher value ones were on the Dark Angel side, presenting a significant advantage to a shooty defensive army facing a slow foe.

Necron immortals preparing for battle

Notable Events

  • On the second turn, the Chaplain wiped out a 17-man squad of Warriors in one turn via a sweeping advance.  He fell a turn later.
  • A Tactical squad landed in the rear of the Necron’s deployment zone via Drop Pod, intending to contest an objective and draw the other Warrior squad back.  It did the latter, but was unable to wade through enough assault to contest the objective, especially after the Scarabs had been cut down quite a bit by enemy fire as it attempted to cross the center of the table.
  • The Triarch and Immortals wiped out the 5 ‘extra’ members of the Devastator squad in one turn.
  • The Devastor sqaud one-shot the Triarch with a Lascannon, penetrating and destroying it.
  • Roughly 75% of the Reanimation Protocols rolls were successful, making the Necron squads very difficult to eliminate.  The second warrior squad replaced a large number of its models at least once.
  • The inability of the Necrons to move fast enough down the board and survive heavy weapons meant that the Dark Angels won by a large margin.

Chaplain leading the way

Lessons Learned

  • Sweeping advance is a heck of a tool if you can use it.
  • The Triarch’s initial 13 armor value is a tough nut to crack, don’t underestimate it.
  • Scarabs are very tough to kill, and are an excellent screen.  Concentrated fire with heavy weapons and plasma guns is required to kill them before they can engage.
  • Landing a shooty squad in a Drop Pod, there’s no reason to jump out.  The chances of losing models are slim and while the Drop Pod is easy to kill, it will require a squad/turn to do so.
  • The Necron’s short range is a weakness to be exploited.

Drop pod attack

Game 2 – Necrons vs. Chaos Space Marines, 1,000 points

I did not play in this game, but was able to observe it.  The first game with the new CSM codex saw a streamlined, improved force.
Necron vs Chaos Faceoff


  • The Space Marine army was 2 squads of Plague Marines, 2 squads of Chaos Space Marines (one in a Rhino), a squad of Havocs, a Hellbrute, led by a Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor.
  • The Necron Army was the same list as the first game with 2 large Warrior squads, a squad of Immortals with Gauss Blasters, a squad of Scarabs, a Triarch Stalker, all led by a Lord.
  • Mission was The Relic.
  • Deployment was Hammer and Anvil, which allowed both sides to start fairly close to the objective.
  • Necrons placed and went first, to no significant advantage or detriment.

Scarabs swarm a rhino

Notable Events

  • A very large number of Gauss Rifle shots failed to stop the Rhino.  The scarabs, however, dispatched it easily with their Entropic Strikes.
  • The Necrons did not fare well against regular Chaos Marines who were equipped with close combat weapons.   The Necron Lord not being fearless, fled his challenge, and the other units in melee were eventually all destroyed.
  • Reanimation Protocols did not serve as well as in the previous game.
  • A squad of Plague Marines secured the objective and did not relinquish it.

Cowardly Necon Lord runs from combat

Lessons Learned

  • Gauss Rifles and Scarabs are scary against vehicles but less so against cheap ones.
  • Reanimation Protocols in melee does not hold up when at a disadvantage (unlike the previous game where it allowed the Necrons to outlast Marines in a more evenly matched fight).

Necron vs Chaos scrum

It was a good couple of games, and we all learned much more about our new armies.   The playtime was also significantly faster as we had to look up fewer rules than previous games.