Tomorrow begins the WMH Journeyman League at a FLGS near me so, over the weekend I assembled “battle box” of Trollblood models.


The models were easy to assemble, though the plastic used by Privateer Press is a lot harder than that of a typical GW model making the mold lines a bit more difficult to remove quickly. I placed these guys on some scenic bases and they are ready to take to the field (more on why they are unpainted, below).

Looking forward to playing and while I have been busy reading the rules, listening to podcasts (mostly Chain Attack), and reading Trollblood articles on the internet tomorrow will by very first game with them…or with Warmachine & Hordes in general. While it is easy to get a grasp for the game throughresearch nothing is going to take the place of actual “table time”.

The league runs six weeks and escalates after each week giving me the chance to add more and more models. Also a participant can earn “hobby points” for any models they paint for their faction throughout the event (hence why I’ve held off getting any painting done so far).

In addition I’ve assembled a minimum unit of Kriel Warriors as well as a Fell Caller solo…from what I understand this guy is an indispensable model for a Trollbloods force.


Soon to be posting about games played as well as showing the painting process of the trolls as I go along.

Games Workshop has yet again revolutionized the tabletop wargaming hobby with the 8th edition of it’s best-selling Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook.  The book is a whopping 1,265 pages long and costs $299.00.  It is only available on  The new book contains 1,264 pages of artwork you’re guaranteed to have seen in less than 100 other GW publications, and 1 page of simplified rules.  Salvaged Iron has decided to risk a Cease & Desist order by leaking the new game rules in their entirety.

1. Army Building – All figures that cost less than $100 now cost 1 point.  All figures that cost more than $100 cost 2,500 points.  All games are now played at 2,500 point level.

2. The player with the largest figure goes first.  The opposing player may seize the initiative by presenting over $1,000 in receipts from

3.  Movement: All 1 point figures may move 1″.  All 2,500 point figures can move 300 feet.

4. Shooting & Melee: 1 point figures may not shoot or charge.  2,500 point figures may target anything by shooting or charge anything within your ZIP code.  On a 2+ roll, you win the game.

Wow, the past couple of months been busy! I’ve not had the chance to paint much at home due to work and my free time has been taken up with non-hobby pursuits.

Over the weekend I had the honor of judging the painting for Templecon’s Onslaught GT, both 40k and Fantasy, and saw so many great looking armies and this really served as an inspiration to get painting again.

As for hobbying, I have had a bit of time to work on some models and have been assembling some Hordes Trollbloods for an upcoming Journeyman League at Temple Games. Never having played Hordes or Warmachine before I’m looking for this to provide a good entry into the game while meeting new gamers and getting to work on some great models…more of that in the future.

On the 40K front I’m in between armies again. I cannot seem to keep one long enough to get more than 10 or so games in, not sure if it is the army choices I am making or if my years of playing the game are intersecting with my growing dislike of the GW in general. Or perhaps I just need a break for a couple of weeks ;)

As for looking ahead for 2014…I am hoping Warmachine/Hordes is great and plan on building an adequate army of Trollbloods as well as a Retribution of Scyrah force. I’ve all ready picked up a few models and the starter battle boxes for each and have been pouring over the rules while working on some of the models.

Would also like to build more terrain this year. A few of the GW plastic ruins have been built but they still need bases and painting.

Not sure what is in store for 40K. I keep looking back at Dark Eldar as the models are very nice but have not made a decision of picked up any models. The sweet spot would be something that is challenging to play and interesting to paint.

That’s all for now.

Yesterday Eric met me out at The Whiz, a great game store, and it was nice to get up there and meet some other gamers. We played a 1500 point game. Dark Angels vs. Eldar, mission was Big Guns with Vanguard Strike for deployment. The game went a full 7 turns and ended up being quite bloody ending with an Eldar victory (we were even on objectives but I was able to tip the points with Line Breaker, Warlord and First Blood).

This was my first time playing a proper game with Eldar in any edition of 40k and I learned a lot. The Wave Serpents were the star of the show (no surprise), the amount of accurate high strength fire they are capable is astonishing. Most small units don’t have a chance against them, regardless of armor as the weight of shots just buries them.

More games this coming weekend.

It has been a fair few weeks that we’ve posted anything and I wanted to thank Eric for getting the site back up and working. While the blog was down I got busy with Eldar building and painting through the first 500 points which I took to a tournament at Battleground. Did horribly only winning on of the five games but had a good time and met some good people.

The army is taking shape and while I only have the first 500 painted another 1000 points have been assembled, based and primed. More paint going down this weekend. Here are a few “in progress” images.

500 points.

Converted Jetbikes

Sprinting Wraithlord

So, they are coming together. Looking forward to getting a couple of games in this coming weekend and the expanding the army out with another Spiritseer and a Wraithknight to reach 1850.

Cast Iron 40k

If I were to run a tournament, what follows is what I would put in place for rules.

  1. All units except those purchased as troops, and dedicated transports, are 0-1 (unique).
  2. No allies.
  3. Only the main rulebook, standard codexes, codex supplements, and FAQs may be used (no dataslates, Escalation, Stronghold Assault, etc.).
  4. Troops must constitute at least 20% of your points.
  5. Total dedicated transport cost cannot exceed troop cost, and dedicated transports do not count towards the 20% from rule 4.

Stat Changes:

  • Baleflamer is AP 4

This is actually the way our group plays by default, and it is a lot more fun than the cheeseball arms race that competitive 40k has turned into.  Perhaps this is because we “grew up” in 40k long before flyers and Matt Ward, but even now these games are more fun than the ones I see happening elsewhere.

Now this may not treat every codex fairly, no ruleset will, especially since the codexes aren’t really balanced to begin with.  I do think it strikes a balance between simplicity and equity though.  If you disagree or have ideas for more or better rules, comments are open!

This is a bit of a “lack of progress report”. After several weeks of messing about with various colors (and working through a good many Eldar Guardians) I’ve thrown out the bright blue-green of the Mymeara Eldar (see earlier post) and am still trying to determine the colors for this army. So far, nothing is sticking…but the darker greenish one is looking good.


And a Ulthwe Test model


For now I will keep assembling models and making test schemes.

After spending some time assembling models and trying various color schemes on test models I finally decided to paint up my Eldar army as Craftworld Mymeara. The base colors are interesting and the application makes for a fun challenge. Looking forward to getting this project on the table so I can play some 40k again.

Here are some early shots…more to come.


Test Model


Pushed through the weekend to finish up the remaining units. One month from start to finish and done a week early. Adding the following to the rest of the force.

Chaplain and a Scout Squad.

Venerable Dreadnought (terrible picture)

And a Drop Pod.


Was a fun project but I think I am going to take a break from painting Space Marines for a bit.